Appreciating the homosexual necrophiliac duck discovery

Rue89 gives a detailed appreciation of Kees Moeliker’s discovery of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard duck: Hollande : le colvert homo abuse du canard claqué Ou comment un cas de nécrophilie homosexuelle chez les canards colverts a été observé. La revue érotique L’imparfaite revient sur cette étrange première.Il est 17h55 quand le chercheur C. W. […]

On-site interview: Homosexual necrophilia incident

The Dutch television program NwA’Dam interviewed Kees Moeliker showing exactly where and almost exactly how the famous incident of the homosexual necrophiliac duck occurred. Kees’s eventual published account of the occurrence, of course, led eventually to him being awarded an Ig Nobel Prize. In The Netherlands and elsewhere, every June 5 is now celebrated as […]