Camphor poisoning following ingestion of mothballs ‘for headache’

If you are suffering from a persistent headache, don’t be tempted to eat mothballs. In 2011, a 34-year old patient was admitted (unconscious) to a hospital emergency department in Amsterdam “following the ingestion of camphor mothballs for persisting headaches”. Fortunately, after a week or so of intensive clinical care she recovered and was discharged in […]

More about woodpeckers and headaches

A new study about the dearth of headaches in woodpeckers builds on the research that earned the 2006 Ig Nobel Prize in ornithology. [The photo here shows Ivan Schwab, co-winner of that prize, delivering his acceptance speech.]  The International Business Times gives its interpretation: How Woodpeckers Avoid Brain Injuries, Research Shows Football players and boxers […]