The Further Adventures of Malcolm Hole

Malcolm Hole‘s [pictured here] new publication is perhaps his most titillatingly titled: “Heavy metal, sex and granites: Crustal differentiation and bioavailability in the mid-Proterozoic,” John Parnell, Malcolm Hole, Adrian J. Boyce, Samuel Spinks and Stephen Bowden, Geology, epub June 8, 2012.  The authors are at the University of Aberdeen and at Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre […]

Analysis of sidewalk fractures

Geology professor Charles Onasch of Bowling Green State University suggests a lesson in observation and analysis: ANALYSIS OF SIDEWALK FRACTURES Summary Using fractures in sidewalks as an analog for natural outcrops, students learn to make systematic observations, measure the orientation and location of fractures, manipulate and analyze data, and consider some kinematic and dynamic questions […]