The Further Adventures of Malcolm Hole

Malcolm Hole‘s [pictured here] new publication is perhaps his most titillatingly titled:

Heavy metal, sex and granites: Crustal differentiation and bioavailability in the mid-Proterozoic,” John Parnell, Malcolm Hole, Adrian J. Boyce, Samuel Spinks and Stephen Bowden, Geology, epub June 8, 2012.  The authors are at the University of Aberdeen and at Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre in Glasgow.

Second place on that list would go to:

The mineral chemistry and petrology of Tertiary pitchstones from Scotland,” R.J. Preston, H.J. Hole, J. Still and H. Patton, Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Earth Sciences, vol 89, 1988, pp. 95-111.

(Thanks to investigator Tom Gill for bringing this to our attention.)