Current Biology, biology, fun, and the Ig Nobel Prizes

The journal Current Biology, in celebrating its 25th birthday (congratulations!), published a special issue that includes two articles touching on the Ig Nobel Prizes. Geoffrey North, the journal’s editor, wrote an editorial called “The Biology of Fun and the Fun of Biology“: Both [the artist] Magritte and [the artistic chef] el Bulli illustrate one aspect of ‘fun’ that is relevant to Current Biology […]

Fun or Not?

Do you work in a ‘fun’ environment? Say, for example, at a firm “… whose reception area boasts beaten-up sofas, a fridge full of beer, a table football and loud rock music on the stereo.” If so, you may be interested in a recent exploratory study by Professor Christopher John Baldry BSc. (Soc.Sci.), MSc., PhD. […]