Progress in Automatic Flirtation Detection

“Detecting human social meaning is a difficult task for automatic conversational understanding systems.” – explain a research team [pictured] based at Stanford University, who have investigated the viabilities of an automatic flirtation detector. “Our flirtation detection system uses prosodic, dialogue, and lexical features to detect a speaker’s intent to flirt with up to 71.5% accuracy […]

Flirting versus coquetry: The film about the debate

Filmmaker Julian Petschek contributes, Wikipedianly, to the academic debate about flirting versus coquetry: [vimeo]63549259[/vimeo] BONUS: The iconic books Flirting: Webster’s Quotations, Facts and Phrases and  Coquetry: Webster’s Timeline History, 1738 – 2006, both written by the computer program written by Philip M. Parker, who, at our last report, had reportedly written 1,050,000 books.

Development of the Flirting Styles Inventory

How, you may wonder, did the Flirting Styles Inventory come to be developed. This paper attempts to answer your question: “Individual Differences in the Communication of Romantic Interest: Development of the Flirting Styles Inventory,” Jeffrey A. Hall, Steve Carter, Michael J. Cody and Julie M. Albright [pictured here], Communication Quarterly, vol. 58, no. 4, 2010, […]