Progress in Automatic Flirtation Detection

“Detecting human social meaning is a difficult task for automatic conversational understanding systems.” – explain a research team [pictured] based at Stanford University, who have investigated the viabilities of an automatic flirtation detector. “Our flirtation detection system uses prosodic, dialogue, and lexical features to detect a speaker’s intent to flirt with up to 71.5% accuracy […]

Development of the Flirting Styles Inventory

How, you may wonder, did the Flirting Styles Inventory come to be developed. This paper attempts to answer your question: “Individual Differences in the Communication of Romantic Interest: Development of the Flirting Styles Inventory,” Jeffrey A. Hall, Steve Carter, Michael J. Cody and Julie M. Albright [pictured here], Communication Quarterly, vol. 58, no. 4, 2010, […]