Giant Claw

Most of the scientific discoveries about claimed in this 1957 film have not held up over the succeeding decades. The main subject of inquiry is claws, especially giant claws. The name of the film: “The Giant Claw“. [Thanks to investigator Stevyn Colgan for bringing this to our attention.) Click on the image to be transported […]

Interdisciplinary film preview: Hersteria (and Watch)

The new film Hersteria evidently intermingles strands from a number of scientific disciplines: electromagnetism, physiology, and more. Even sex. It is said to be based on incidents from the history of science and technology, including the invention of certain forms of the device known as a vibrator. Here’s a preview: Meanwhile, an old film tells the […]

17 minutes of feet

The dramatic image below, with its caption — “Wearing wrong kind of Clothing [Should wear suspenders]” — is from a motion picture called “Educated Feet for Correct Posture“. Almost 17 minutes in duration, the film maintains a uniform level of pedagogical excitement from beginning to end. The camera often focuses on shoes. Watch the entire […]

Film clip + psychology question

A psychology experiment for you to do: FIRST, watch this (approximately ten-minute-long) video, about which BoingBoing says “India’s most expensive movie yields most astonishingly violent and demented action-scene in cinematic history”: THEN, ask yourself “Did you see the gorilla?” [If that seems a nonsense question, then see the Dan Simons / Chris Chabris experiment. Then […]

Military etiquette/grooming film

The US government produced this consistently dull, depressing training film in 1970 to give military personnel the low-down on etiquette and grooming. The music is peppy, almost jazzy, to the degree allowed by the etiquette that governs the production of dull, depressing training films for military personnel who may be required to endure instruction on […]