Philosophers’ delight: Fast food lesson plans for teachers

Merely by existing, this web site — which offers “fast food nutrition lesson plans” for teachers — raises a question some philosophers chew on endlessly: What is reality? A related question, also perhaps of interest to philosophers, and maybe to criminologists: Who is behind the site? The site itself offers this nearly-factless answer: “ is the nation’s leading independent website devoted to […]

“Exposure to Fast Food Impedes Happiness”

This study is packed with tasty subtleties and interconnectivities: “Too Impatient to Smell the Roses: Exposure to Fast Food Impedes Happiness,” Julian House [pictured below], Sanford E. DeVoe, and Chen-Bo Zhong [who rose to fame with his study about the MacBeth Effect — see yesterday’s blog item about that; he is pictured here, at right], Social […]