Family Name Frequency and Abundance of the Chemical Elements?

IS AMERICAN LAST NAME FREQUENCY INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL TO TERRESTRIAL ELEMENTAL ABUNDANCE? by E. R. Schulman and E. A. Schulman, Alexandria, Virginia Abstract Yes (provided radioactive gasses are ignored). 1. Introduction This year (2019) marks the 150th anniversary of Dmitri Mendeleev publishing the first recognizable periodic table in his paper “Relationship of Elements’ Properties to Their […]

‘Poisoner’ author reviews Period Table Table inventor’s app

Deborah Blum, author of the book The Poisoner’s Handbook, reviews “The Elements“, the ipad app created by Theo Gray, the Ig Nobel Prize-winning inventor of the four-legged periodic table table: … Gray’s sequel to this success is a print book,  Theodore Gray’s Element Vault, which includes actual samples of elements, such as gold leaf, and replicas of […]