The Topography of Robbery: Does Slope Matter? [study]

Are there fewer robberies in urban areas where the streets are quite steep? A question investigated in a 2020 research project by Professor Cory Haberman and Professor James Kelsay entitled : The Topography of Robbery: Does Slope Matter? Journal of Quantitative Criminology volume 37, pages 625–645. “Steeper street blocks may have fewer robberies because they make the physical […]

Frequency of Suboptimal Effort of Some Students

Some students sometimes don’t “give it their all“, suggests this paper: “I Just Want My Research Credit: Frequency of Suboptimal Effort in a Non-Clinical Healthy Undergraduate Sample,” Jonathan DeRight and Randall S. Jorgensen [pictured here], The Clinical Neuropsychologist, epub December 10, 2014. (Thanks to Vaughan Bell for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at Syracuse University, […]