Dog rotation: not always pleasant

Dog rotation can be pleasing (as in the instance we described recently). But sometimes it’s not — think about the rotation described in this study: “Gastric torsion in the dog—II. Nonsurgical treatment by aspiration of gastric contents during repeated rotation of the animal“, B. Funkquist and N. Obel, Journal of Small Animal Practice, Volume 20, […]

The physics of the wet dog shake

Behold the basic physics of the wet dog shake, as explored by Andrew Dickerson, Grant Mills, Jay Bauman, Young-Hui Chang, David Hu of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Their (skimpy, introductory) paper is available on arxiv — it’s really an introduction to this entrancing video (also available in a higher-res version): (Thanks to Joseph Amaslab […]

Cartozoology: dog of london

Dr. Eilert Sundt Secretary General, Norwegian Cartozoologic Society, writes [AIR 16:2]: “The Mercantile Mongrel Dog prowls the heart of the City of London. Given the sheer variety and denseness of detail that is characteristic of London, this con-tour is best explored in the company of friends.” BONUS: Download a high-res copy of the full article […]