Data Communications via Wet String, or via Hungry Snail

A wet string works, for sending information from one computer to another, says a new experiment. This adds to the list of low-tech ways to move data, the most lively method involving a hungry snail. The string experiment is reported on the RevK’s Rants web site, with the headline “It’s official, ADSL works over wet […]

Writing About Thinking of Speaking with the Dead

This study speaks volumes, but in an unusual way: “Electrocortical activity associated with subjective communication with the deceased,” Arnaud Delorme, Julie Beischel, Leena Michel, Mark Boccuzzi, Dean Radin, and Paul J. Mills, Frontiers in Psychology, vol. 4, 2013. (Thanks to investigator Estrella Burgos for bringing this to our attention.) The authors are at the Institute […]

Laconic Canadian narration: The case of vodka text

This York University video demonstrates a classic Canadian style of narration, carefully restraining all indicators of excitement or interest: The video is titled “York Researchers send a text message using vodka,” It pertains to research reported in a newly published study: “Tabletop Molecular Communication: Text Messages through Chemical Signals,” Nariman Farsad, Weisi Guo, Andrew W. Eckford, […]

Slobodchikoff on the imminence of cross-species chit-chatter

A mere eleven years after the inventors of Bow-Lingual were awarded the Ig Noble Peace Prize, Con Slobodchikoff, professor emeritus at Arizona State University and President and CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd., explains how near we are to having computer-aided communications with some animals. Megan Garber interviewed Slobodchikoff for The Atlantic. Here’s a bit of that interview: […]

Nonstraightforwardness – an exploration

Recent research has suggested that issuing vague or equivocal public statements can sometimes be advisable for a corporation undergoing a crisis. But previous academic work had also studied a broadly similar concept, called ‘Nonstraightforwardness’. A team of investigators lead by Susan Kline (Associate Professor and Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies at The Ohio State University) […]

Ig-Nobel-winning spam pioneer indicted again

Sanford Wallace, who proudly and perhaps correctly claims credit for the early growth spurt of computer spam, is having yet another adventure with the legal system. Wallace likes to be called “Spamford”. He was awarded the 1997 Ig Nobel Prize in the field of communications. The Ig Nobel citation read “neither rain nor sleet nor dark […]