Innovative Scientists Talk About Their Childhood (10): David Hu and the inside of a dead deer

Here’s David Hu talking about seeing the inside of a dead deer—an experience that, when he was a child, excited David in a way that led to his eventual unusual career. David uses math and physics—and experiments—to try to understand some of the seemingly simply, scientifically mystifying things that happen in nature every day. ABOUT […]

When a monkey loved a deer…

Love has always been difficult to define exactly. A newly published study adds nuance, or at least data, to the concept. The study is: “Interspecies sexual behaviour between a male Japanese macaque and female sika deer,” Marie Pelé, Alexandre Bonnefoy, Masaki Shimada, and Cédric Sueur, Primates, epub January 2017. The authors, in Strasbourg, France and […]

Attracting Wildlife – for research (or shooting) [new patent]

Inventor Harrison Forrester, from Greenwood, SC, USA, has just received a patent for a wildlife attractor device which may help scientific researchers (or hunters), “The present invention is related to a hunting device that is particularly suitable for attracting wildlife and animals, such as deer, antelope, and varmints to a particular location.” The device, which […]


Dr. Eilert Sundt Secretary General, Norwegian Cartozoologic Society, writes [AIR 16:2]: cartozoology n. The science or practice of discovering and studying animals outlined paradigmatically by street layouts as they appear in maps, especially with reference to physical evidence of the animals’ presence in the corresponding terrain. cartozoologist n. [From French carte ‘map, card’ + modern […]

Lamentable deer-whistle findings

Investigator G.J. Reynolds alerts us to an alert about deficiencies of deer-collision avoidance devices: “Analysis and effectiveness of deer whistles for motor vehicles: frequencies, levels, and animal threshold responses,” Peter M. Scheifele [pictured here], David G. Browning and Lesa M. Collins-Scheifel, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America [ARLO], vol. 4, no. 13, July 2003. […]