Attracting Wildlife – for research (or shooting) [new patent]

Inventor Harrison Forrester, from Greenwood, SC, USA, has just received a patent for a wildlife attractor device which may help scientific researchers (or hunters),


“The present invention is related to a hunting device that is particularly suitable for attracting wildlife and animals, such as deer, antelope, and varmints to a particular location.”


The device, which can be strapped to a tree as shown, has, if required, a remote controlled tail-wagging function.

“Attracting wildlife and animals such as deer to a particular location has many benefits. For example, attracting wildlife to a particular location can aid scientists with their studies on a particular wildlife’s migratory patterns.”

Or, alternatively, it can

“[…] allow a hunter enough time to aim and discharge his weapon.”

See:Wildlife Attractor Device’ (US Pat., May 26, 2015)