A complicated new way to try to measure complicated brain stuff

The human brain does complicated things in complicated ways that no one understands. You can think up complicated new ideas about how to do complicated tests to measure some of those complications. A new study seems to do exactly that. The study invents “a new form of logic, dual logic.” The study is: “Dual Logic and Cerebral Coordinates for Reciprocal Interaction […]

“Over-enthusiasm for the interrelationships of nails”

Over-enthusiasm and nails are key concepts in this 1957 book review that appeared in the journal Archives of Dermatology, (in vol. 75, no. 3, on page 474): [Book review of] Fisio-patologia del complesso ungueale (Physiopathology of the Ungual Complex) by P. Sertoli. Price, 3500 lire. Pp. 339, with 143 illustrations. Edizioni Minerva Medica, Corso Bramante 83 […]

Simple complex thought: Sex-attraction examples

Great thinkers think complex thoughts, according to one simple line of reasoning. Here’s are two related studies. Alone and together, they demonstrate some surprising, and surprisingly complex, thinking. The first study [via NCBI ROFL] is: “The best men are (not always) already taken: female preference for single versus attached males depends on conception risk,” Paola Bressan [pictured […]