Profiling Professor Persinger – part 2

Can one’s brain become entangled? Einstein called quantum entanglement ‘spooky’, but he was nevertheless obliged to grapple with the puzzles and possibilities of Verschränkung – which were first fully described by Erwin Schrödinger, circa 1935. Since then, a series of experimental studies have convincingly demonstrated entanglement behaviour at the quantum level – but few theorists […]

A metaphor for fMRI studies of thought?

A new study contains a poetical phrase that maybe, just maybe, is a metaphor for the severe difficulty and beauty of a great scientific quest: learning how the heck the brain manages to think. Many brain scientists use a complex technology called  “fMRI” (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) to make rough pictures of activity (many sorts of […]

Simple complex thought: Sex-attraction examples

Great thinkers think complex thoughts, according to one simple line of reasoning. Here’s are two related studies. Alone and together, they demonstrate some surprising, and surprisingly complex, thinking. The first study [via NCBI ROFL] is: “The best men are (not always) already taken: female preference for single versus attached males depends on conception risk,” Paola Bressan [pictured […]