A circumcision device “similar to a pizza cutter”

New technology to watch out for: “CIRCUMCISION DEVICE AND PROCEDURE,” US patent application 2012/0303040, R. Michael Johnson, York, PA, (US); Pietro Ranieri, Haddonfeld, NJ (US); Kristin Chrouser, Baltimore, MD (US); Sheila Green, November 29, 2012. The document includes this passage: “Several alternative cutting means can be used to make the circumcision cut around the circumference […]

Circumcision and the Penis Microbiome

Intrepid Lance B. Price of the Translational Genomics Research Institute, together with colleagues there and elsewhere, looked long and hard at the penis microbiome — both before and after circumcision. Their report is online: “The Effects of Circumcision on the Penis Microbiome,” Lance B. Price, Cindy M. Liu, Kristine E. Johnson, Maliha Aziz, Matthew K. […]