The Imminent Death of Celebrating the Deaths of Non-Celebrities

Dead celebrities fared better and better against other dead persons as the twentieth century progressed, suggests this study of who was celebrated and who was not: “Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Apotheosis of Celebrities in 20th Century America,”  Timothy J. Bertoni [pictured here] and Patrick D. Nolan, Sociation Today, vol. 10, no. 1, Spring/Summer […]

Celeb Recognition – automatically

Can software automatically recognise celebrities? Hewlett-Packard (motto: Let’s do Amazing) believes so, and has recently published a paper on the feasibility of ‘Wikipedia-based Online Celebrity Recognition’. Researchers Demiao Lin, Jianming Jin, Yuhong Xiong, from HP Labs China have been investigating so-called Smart-Browsing on the www, and point out that : “Obviously, recognizing celebrity names is […]

Portrait of perfumer/Ig winner Bijan

From a portrait of 2005 Ig Nobel chemistry prize winner Bijan Pakzad: Bijan dresses some of the world’s most powerful men: former President of the United States George W. Bush, Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, American actor Tom Cruise, German TV host Thomas Gottschalk, British actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, President of Russia Vladimir Putin,… [A] […]

Celebrity Burnout, Analyzed

“Durable Good Celebrities,” Todd D. Kendall, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 66, 2008, pp. 312–21( (Thanks to Martin Gardiner for bringing this to our attention.) The author, at Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, explains: “Celebrity musicians and other famous touring performers face problems similar to those of a durable good seller with market […]