Blank pages in 18th century books (study)

Anyone who’s seen the phrase “This page has intentionally been left blank” and who has been left thinking that it’s a relatively modern construct – think again. Intentionally blank pages have been around, in abundance, since at least the 18th century. Dr. Anne Toner (Trinity College Cambridge, UK), has extensively researched varieties of incompleteness in […]

Maybe no data? Maybe no problem? (statistics)

“Applied statisticians are often confronted with statistical inference problems dealing with situations in which there appear to be no data, or data of only limited usefulness.” An example of ‘Sparsity‘ – in which statisticians find themselves having to deal with datasets which are primarily populated with zeros. That’s to say, they’re ‘sparse’. In such cases, […]

Self-Treatments of ‘Writer’s Block’

The medical literature contains these two excessively brief accounts of self-treatment for the ailment known as “writer’s block”. Each can be downloaded in its entirety, in PDF form: 1. “The Unsuccessful Self-Treatment of a Case of ‘Writer’s Block‘” Dennis Upper, Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1974 Fall; 7(3): 497. (Thanks to Eric Geigle for bringing […]