Jumping beans (the locomotion of)

The US-based Georgia Institute of Technology (Gatech) isn’t just known for undertaking research into lethal weapons systems – far from it – it also investigates, for example, the locomotion and ‘navigation’ abilities of Mexican Jumping Beans. The beans, which are inhabited by the larvae of the moth Laspeyresia saltitans (or sometimes Cydia deshaisiana) have an […]

Fear of eating beans may be overblown

“People’s concerns about excessive flatulence from eating beans may be exaggerated.” That conclusion emerges loud and clear at the end of a study published recently in the Nutrition Journal. Donna Winham [pictured here], of Arizona State University, and Andrea Hutchins, of the University of Colorado, call their report Perceptions of Flatulence From Bean Consumption Among Adults in […]

A treatise on beans in medicine

Coffee beans – image from Wikimedia Commons Previously on this blog, we have glanced at treatises on grapes, strawberries and spaghetti & meatballs as metaphors in medicine. The bean is no less important medically (besides being associated with flatulence): Bean-shaped G-spot Bean-shaped kidney Coffee bean sign BONUS: Under the microscope various entities resemble beans, here is an example […]