‘Pigness’ (Cinematic and Televisual) – a thesis

One of academia’s most prominent accounts of ‘Pigness’ in motion pictures was authored in 2010 by Dr. Mark von Schlemmer (University of Central Missouri, Department of Communication and Sociology) in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy,  With reference not only to leading examples of cinematic pigs (like Babe and […]

Sinnott’s scary masks / zoo animals experiment

Hast thou seen Sinnott’s experiment with scary masks and zoo animals? This study makes tell of it: “Perception of Scary Halloween Masks by Zoo Animals and Humans,” Joan M. Sinnott [pictured here], H. Anton Speaker, Laura A. Powell, and Kelly W. Mosteller, International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 25 (2012): 83-96. (Thanks to investigator Neil Martin […]

Again, Why Don’t Animals Have Wheels?

Certain questions keep returning, as if on the edge of a rotating wheel: “Why the Wheels Won’t Go,” Michael LaBarbera [pictured here, without wheels], American Naturalist, Vol. 121, No. 3, March 1983, pp. 395-408. The author, at the University of Chicago, begins: “Why don’t animals have wheels? Introductory hiology teachers commonly note the lack of […]

Slobodchikoff on the imminence of cross-species chit-chatter

A mere eleven years after the inventors of Bow-Lingual were awarded the Ig Noble Peace Prize, Con Slobodchikoff, professor emeritus at Arizona State University and President and CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd., explains how near we are to having computer-aided communications with some animals. Megan Garber interviewed Slobodchikoff for The Atlantic. Here’s a bit of that interview: […]