Where that (scientifical/business) jargon, much of it, came from

“They did develop distinctive, pseudo-scientific language to pitch themselves to clients…”, explains Emma Green as she rough-sketches a history of modern business jargon, in The Atlantic. (Thanks to Mariette DiChristina for bringing this to our attention.) BONUS: The Jargon Opera premiered as part of the 2002 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. The opera concludes with the song “Harmonious […]

How microbes get passed person to person

During the 2010 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, giant microbe toys (donated by their creator, giantmicrobes.com) were given to several Nobel laureates and to writer Neil Gaiman. Mr. Gaiman later personally transmitted his giant microbe to another person — singer Amanda Palmer (who performed at the Ig ceremony, and who is affianced to Mr. Gaiman). This […]