Mel at a Convention

Dr. Vreeland Heiss writes: [AIR 16:2] My uncle came into possession, shortly after the world war in the 1940s, of this photo which shows Mel, the little man who always appears in your pages. I have drawn the customary arrow to indicate his location in the image. Perhaps your readers can help me identify the […]

Overhanded Imaging

“Perhaps one of your readers can solve this mystery. This drawing is in two of three copies I own (yes, I am a book collector) of the 1895 book 400 Versuche aus dem Gebiete der Mechanik, Akustik, Wärme, Optik, Elektricität. Uebungsbuch für den Experimentirkasten, Meiser and Mertig, editors, (4th edition, Dresden, Selbstverlag). My third copy […]

Schizophrenics as Tour Guides (3)

So many people cry that we should “get the schizophrenics off the streets.” Your editorial explains why, in some cases, that is exactly the wrong thing to do. While many schizophrenics are ill-equipped to function on their own, a surprisingly large percentage would thrive if they were given work that so well suits—and celebrates—their strengths. […]