Be she the scientific scourge of cats?

A November 1 report in the Los Angeles Times reads like an extract from a crime novel: Smithsonian bird researcher is convicted of trying to poison cats A postdoctoral researcher at the Smithsonian’s Migratory Bird Center at the National Zoo was found guilty Monday of attempting to poison cats in her northwest Washington neighborhood. Security […]

Did Stapel frame and ultimately nail himself?

Retraction Watch adds further human interest to the Stapel scandal (in which Professor Stapel is being investigated on several front for fabricating research data): Do fraudsters, like bad pitchers or poker players, have “tells”? Diederik Stapel might. Last week we reported that Stapel, an internationally recognized social psychologist from The Netherlands, had been accused of fabricating his […]

Stapel accused of folding/mutilating data

Professor Diederik Stapel, author of the study “Seeing one thing and doing another: Contrast effects in automatic behavior“, is accused of saying one thing but doing another, according to reports in the Dutch press and elsewhere. sums up: Tilburg professor faked data in at least 30 academic publications Tilburg and Groningen universities are to take legal action […]