Stapel accused of folding/mutilating data

Professor Diederik Stapel, author of the study “Seeing one thing and doing another: Contrast effects in automatic behavior“, is accused of saying one thing but doing another, according to reports in the Dutch press and elsewhere. sums up:

Tilburg professor faked data in at least 30 academic publications

Tilburg and Groningen universities are to take legal action against one of their professors after an investigation showed he had faked research data in at least 30 scientific papers. The fraud is ‘considerable and shocking’, the committee set up to look into Diederik Stapel’s academic publications said in an initial report into the scandal on Monday.

Stapel, who was a professor of social and behavioural sciences at Tilburg, was suspended last month after doubts emerged about research that concluded eating meat makes people anti-social and selfish.

The investigation shows at least 30 academic papers submitted to respected scientific journals contained data that he had invented and there are doubts about several dozen more, the committee said. In total, statistics quoted in 150 papers dating back to 2004 when Stapel worked at Groningen University, are being examined….

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