Chile Pepper Hotness Research (Prize-Winning and Other)

Paul Bosland, founder of the Chile Pepper Institute, is profiled in the Washington Post, as a central part of the article “Sorry, Scoville. Peppers deserve better than an archaic heat scale,” written by Tamar Haspel:

When Old El Paso wanted jalapeño’s flavor, but not its capsaicin, to blend into its products, Bosland was able to grow a heatless jalapeño — and it won him the 1999 Ig Nobel Prize in biology, he told me with a laugh. (Ig Nobel Prizes, parodies of the Nobel Prizes, honor achievements that make people laugh, think, roll their eyes or scratch their heads.)

The 1999 Ig Nobel Biology Prize was indeed awarded to Paul Bosland, for breeding a spiceless jalapeno chile pepper.