A Complex Analysis of the Unfolding Folding Chair Situation

Sit down, if you can, and read this study about what it takes to get a folding plastic chair to the point where you can sit in it:

A study of design demand of applying quality function deployment in plastic folding chairs,” Chun Tung Chen, Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 284, pp. 3632-3636. The author, at Shu-Te University, Taiwan, reports:

[T]he rise of consumer awareness and enhanced demand for product quality from the public have shifted the design of plastic folding chair from general folding chair to the designers perception oriented chairs. Hence, the study applied quality function deployment to establish user demand for plastic folding chairs, inducing the five expectations for plastic folding chair through the procedures in quality function deployment, namely into “aesthetics,” ‘convenience,’ ‘structural safety,’ ‘comfort,’ and ‘environmental protection.’