Another TV Show ‘Inspired’ by the Ig Nobel Prizes

Zaobao reports, on October 11, 2021:

In recent years, many Chinese variety shows have been draft talents. Zhejiang Satellite TV has taken a different approach. In mid-August, it launched a real-life show “Hi Release”. Wang Jiaer, Ren Jialun and Chen Feiyu served as “Hi Release Explorers”. Li Ronghao ( Participated in the fifth period of recording), Wei Daxun (joined in the fifth period) is the “Hi Broadcast Specialist”. Artist guests include Li Chen, Zheng Kai and Jike Junyi. “Hi” is inspired by the “Ig Nobel Prize“, which is dedicated to exploring scientific research that “makes people laugh at first glance, but is thought-provoking after thinking about it”. The program uses life as the soil and science as the entry point, revealing unexpected scientific conclusions through some seemingly nonsensical experiments.

UPDATE (October 15, 2021): And today, there’s a report by Giaoduc about a law school competition in Vietnam: “Happy Law Competition (abbreviated as ‘Ig Law’) is inspired by the Ig Nobel Prize