Dual high heels [patent]

“Shoes, especially high heels, have some special functions. It makes a wearer look taller than the real height of the wearer. Therefore, many young ladies, who want to be looked taller, wear high heel with very tall heel. The other function of high heels is that it has strong attraction power for some male adult.“

Explains US patent 7,574,819 B2 

“ Dress up or made up is very important in social life to give impression to other people. Especially for young ladies of twenties and thirties or even forties, dress up is critical to find their mates. Some young ladies even take risks of doing plastic surgeries to their body if she can make ‘ the one ’ as her mate. For them, shoes, cloths, jewelry, and adornments are less dangerous means to get attraction from ‘ the one ‘. “

The invention offers a considerable advantage over standard high-heeled shoes, which, as the inventor points out, are not a completely risk-free item –

“If a young lady wears a high heel that is very tall and the heel shape is narrow, she can easily dislocate her ankle. It may be charming but dangerous.“

The invention, as can be seen in the accompanying drawing, increases the number of heels by a factor of 100%, and in so doing –

“ . . . reduces dislocation of wearer’s ankle though the heels are narrow and long. “

Patent research Martin Gardiner