Canine Cleanroom Suit [patent]

“It is desirable that dogs that perform jobs in restaurants, hospitals or other health care facilities, and manufacturing areas wear distinctive garments to indicate that they are service dogs and not unauthorized pets. Such garments are preferably also protective for the dogs and for the facility.”

United States Patent 7975656 , assigned to Californian inventor Bradley A. Prill, detailed how a canine cleanroom suit could be implemented. Although the suit covers ‘substantially all of the body’ it can be seen from the accompanying drawing that a crucial part of the canine anatomy remains uncovered – the nose.

Other important body parts are also catered for :

“Another elongate portion surrounds the tail. An elastic band holds the tail portion firmly near the base of the tail so that wagging or waving of the tail may be clearly seen by the dog’s handler.”

Pat(i)ent Researcher Martin Gardiner