Garments that look inside-out, but aren’t [patent]

When a garment is turned inside-out it can become difficult to continue full use of the garment. For example, in some garments fasteners are meant to be used when a person wears the garment conventionally and are not intended to be functional when the garment is worn inside-out. Likewise, features such as pockets or belt carriers can be difficult or impossible to fully use when the garment is worn inside out. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to properly wear a garment inside-out.

In view of this background, the need remains for garments intended to be worn with an inside out appearance.”

To sidestep such inconveniences, Elizabeth M Girod came up with an invention – and was granted a US patent for it in 2006. A system which allows the look and feel of a fully turned-inside-out garment, but with the pockets, zips and belt-loops (etc) the correct way around.

The full details can only be appreciated by reading the patent document. US, 7350242B2, Garments Having an Inside Out Appearance

Research research by Martin Gardiner