2019 Ig Nobel EuroTour: Thanks!

A big thank you to everyone and everything who (or that) came to, helped organize, or otherwise was part of the 2019 Ig Nobel EuroTour.

It all happened in six weeks, in ten countries: Scotland, England, Austria, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Italy (again). Several of the events were webcast, including the big show at Imperial College London:

Here’s a list of all (or at least most) of the 2019 Ig Nobel EuroTour events:

You can read about, see, or hear bits and pieces of the tour, in some of the clips on our press clips page.

Next year (2020)’s Ig Nobel EuroTour

We will soon begin organizing the 2020 Ig Nobel EuroTour. If your institution would like to host an event, please get in touch with us!