Validating Self-Reported Munchy-ism During Cannabis Intoxication

Some people who go to cannabis decriminalization advocacy events say, when questioned, that they do, when cannabisized, sometimes consume junk food:

Manipulation Checking the Munchies: Validating Self-Reported Dietary Behaviors during Cannabis Intoxication,” Jessica S. Kruger [pictured here], Alexis Blavos, Thomas S. Castor, Amy J. Wotring, Victoria R. Wagner-Greene, Tavis Glassman, Daniel J. Kruger, Human Ethology, Volume 34, 10-16, April 17, 2019, pp. 10-16. The authors, at SUNY at Buffalo, SUNY Cortland, the University of Toledo, and the University of Michigan, all in the USA, explain:

“The current study examined the relationship between self-reported dietary behaviors and food incentive choices among individuals intoxicated with cannabis. Participants at a cannabis decriminalization advocacy event completed brief surveys on cannabis use and dietary habits. Survey administrators offered an incentive choice of a food items; fruit and chips/crisps. Researchers documented choices of food incentives and three trained coders categorized self-reported dietary habits. Participants (N = 275) reported eating unhealthy food (77%)… Participants also reported eating more food when intoxicated with cannabis and being more likely to eat unhealthy food when intoxicated compared to at other times….”

Most of the people who were surveyed reported desiring more food. The people doing the survey report themselves desiring more research:

“Additional… research is needed to understand effective means of modifying unhealthy dietary choices made while intoxicated with cannabis.”

Go, Too

Some of the same authors earlier published the study “Pokémon GO: Healthy or Harmful?“, which may be only indirectly related to the new cannabis study.