Recent progress in ‘Super Mario Bros’ studies

The 30+ years since the launch of Super Mario Bros. have given ample opportunity for scholars to study the game’s possible influences in academia and society at large. Here is a short list of some representative academic works [ all of which can be read in full via the links ] that have documented ramifications of Super Mario Bros. in the fields of :-

● Medicine
Playing Super Mario 64 increases hippocampal grey matter in older adults

● Religious Philosophy
Super Mario Strikes Back: Another Molinist Reply to Welty’s Gunslingers Argument

● Mathematics
Optimization of Enemy’s Behavior in Super Mario Bros Game Using Fuzzy Sugeno Model

● Business
What do Business Process Modelling and Super Mario Bros. have in Common? A Games-perspective on Business Process Modelling

● Computation
Super mario as a string: Platformer level generation via lstms

● and Humour
Super Mario, the new silent clown: Video game parodies as transformative comedy tools