A viral-transmission possible-hoax that will leave you with a cold, or just leave you cold

Sometimes it’s almost not worth trying to decide whether something is a hoax or not—whether, to say it in old-fashioned phrasing, it’s nothing to sneeze at. Vaev Tissues seems to fit snugly into this indecisively gooey category.

Mandy Oaklander writes about it, whatever it is, in Time magazine:

A Mysterious Company Claims to Sell Sneeze-Filled Tissues for $80. Is It Real?

…Vaev Tissue, the only product of a new startup based in Los Angeles, costs $79.99, according to the company’s website. Its sole purpose is to give the user a cold virus. “We believe using a tissue that carries a human sneeze is safer than needles or pills,” read the note that came with the product, written by the founder of the company. Wipe your nose with the sullied tissue, and you’ll “get sick on your own terms.” …

(Thanks to Vaughn Tan for bringing this to our attention.}