And the heartbeat goes on: Nurse’s gift memento of patients’ final thumps

Becker’s Hospital Review reports:

How this Intermountain nurse comforts deceased patients’ families
Written by Mackenzie Bean

A registered nurse at Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Medical Center is responsible for spearheading an initiative to comfort the families of patients who died at the hospital’s respiratory intensive care unit, reports KSL TV.

To comfort patients’ relatives, Lisa Beglarian, RN, prints a patient’s EKG strip and places it in a laboratory tube with the following message for the individual’s family: “May my heartbeat always be a gentle reminder of the love I have for you.” …

KSL TV (Channel 5) interviewed Beglarian:

Modern Healthcare adds, in its own report about this:

It’s a nice gesture for the families to try to give them at least one positive memory of their experience in our ICU,” Beglarian said.

Here’s a photo of a final-gift strip with the accompanying Beglarian-designed card:

(Thanks to Maggie Fox for bringing the Beglarian EKG final-gift strip to our attention.)

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