Human Placentophagy – some Q.s and A.s

The existence of possible benefits or detriments brought about by eating human placentas (placentophagy) is hotly debated. Here are some topical viewpoints in the form of Questions and Answers

Q. Should human placenta-based products [see photo*] come with ‘use by / best before’ dates?
A.  Yes, they should, says Emily Woodley (Cardiff Metropolitan University).


Q. What drinks could accompany a placenta meal?
A. Orange juice, recommends Dr Sara Wickham PhD, RM, MA, PGCert, BA(Hons).


Q. If you’re conducting placentophagy research with a placebo control group, what alternatives are there?
A. Beef, explains Laura Kathleen Gryder (University of Nevada)


Q. Does the mainstream medical establishment think human placentophagy is a good idea?
A. More research is needed – assert Alex Farr, M.D. Ph.D (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York) et al., bearing in mind that, as yet, no health benefits have been proven, whereas potential dangers have been.


* Note: The photo shows an example of 紫河车 (Purple River), a traditional Chinese Medicine remedy, which is available from Anguo City Jupharmacang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Coming soon : Who ‘owns’ a placenta?

Research research by Martin Gardiner