‘The Man in the Ear’ (a fresh look)

It was back in the 1950’s that Dr Paul Nogier of Lyon, France, noticed that it’s possible to superimpose an image of a human fetus onto one of the human ear [see dwg.]

This discovery led him to develop his theories of Auriculotherapy which he later described in his book ‘The Man In The Ear’ [possibly out of print at present]

For a modern-day overview of Auriculotherapy, see : Scientific Basis of Auriculotherapy: State of the Art (Med. Acupunct., Apr. 1st, 2014, 26(2): 84–96) which comes to the conclusion that :

“More scientific research should be performed to improve the scientific credibility of auriculotherapy.”

Note: Enthusiasts of Reflexology believe that areas on the foot (and/or the hand) rather than the ear, also correspond with organs in the “zones” of the body.

The illustration is from Auriculotherapy Manual, 4th Edition • 2014 (Churchill Livingstone, £59.39)

[ Research research by Martin Gardiner ]