Dr Farahbakhsh’s infant washer-dryer invention (new patent)

Many are already accustomed to leaving the task of cleaning and drying the dirty dishes to a dishwasher – what if it were possible to do something similar with an infant in need of a diaper* change? A newly issued US patent granted to inventor Iman Farahbakhsh, of Quchan, Iran, explains the concept :

“Changing diapers is an art that many parents or caregivers may find difficult to acquire or perform conveniently.

[…] a need exists for an infant washer and diaper changing apparatus that can reduce or eliminate the inconvenience associated with changing diapers of the infants as well as reducing the water consumed during changing diapers of the infant.

In one implementation, the infant changing and washing apparatus may automatically change the diaper of an infant and wash and dry the infant. The infant changing and washing apparatus may be a light, compact, and easily portable and may be comparable to the commercial washing machines in size and shape. The apparatus may include an outlet bin for the used diaper, or may conveniently be used in connection with a washing apparatus to subsequently wash the diaper. The apparatus further may wash and dry the infant.

The apparatus may be said to be automatic in some implementations, in that once the infant is placed inside the apparatus, various steps may in some cases by carried out automatically without needing the operator to touch the infant or interact manually with the diaper or infant during the changing process, which may create a more sanitary environment for the ambient area and the operator’s hands.”

See United States Patent 10,034,582, July 31, 2018, ‘Infant washer and diaper-changer apparatus and method’

* That’s ‘nappy’ for our UK readers