Two rubber band technique for finger ring removal

Researchers have attempted many solutions to remove rings from the fingers they are stuck on, including the  use of dental equipment, a finger part of a surgical glove cut off cylindrically, ribbon gauze and a paper clip, and the classic caterpillar technique.

Australian researchers from University of Queensland and Gold Coast University Hospital report on a newer method for finger ring removal, the two rubber band technique.

“A two rubber band technique was used in this study of 69 difficult to remove rings… The endpoint for the study was success or failure to remove the ring.”

Figure 2

The two rubber band technique uses two rubber bands to slide underneath of the ring. Liquid soap and small artery forceps aided in getting the rubber bands into the appropriate position.



Figure 4



Once through, the rubber bands are rotated back and forth “…through an arc of 180° in alternating directions (similar to turning a wheel on a car) (Fig 4).”







Sixty two rings were successfully removed, with minimal discomfort in all cases. Five rings were unable to be removed, and two rings did not undergo the technique after concerns that the owner would not be able to get the rings back on.

“Rubber bands were chosen over string as they grip the ring slightly, facilitating oscillation around the digit. Furthermore, the technique does not harm the ring and the ring cannot fall to the floor after removal.”

This claim in the report is clearly visible in Figure 5, where the ring is suspended by the two rubber bands, unable to fall to the floor.

Figure 5



Kingston, D., Bopf, D., Dhanjee, U. and McLean, A. (2016). Evaluation of a two rubber band technique for finger ring removal. The Annals of The Royal College of Surgeons of England, 98(5), pp.300-302.