The Right Earlobe Crease of Robert E. Lee (study)

The photo shows Robert E. Lee’s right earlobe crease (ELC) He died at the age of 63, on October 12th 1870, from the effects of coronary artery disease (CAD). The question arises – are the presence of the crease and the fact that he had severe cardiac problems related? Put another way, are ELCs (necessarily) a (reliable) sign of CAD?

For a particular set of answers, turn to The American Journal of Cardiology, Volume 120, Issue 2, 15 July 2017, Pages 327-330, where you will find the thesis : Robert E. Lee’s Right Ear and the Relation of Earlobe Crease to Coronary Artery Disease by Richard A.Reinhart MD.

Note: He does not appear to have had a prominent left earlobe crease [Discuss]

Further viewpoints: Earlobe Crease And Heart Disease: Is It Real? Review Of Evidence by Joe Cannon MS.