Ph.D. Thesis About Attending Orgies

Victor Hugo De Souza Barreto attended orgies, gathering facts for his Ph.D. thesis. The thesis is:

Festas ee Orgia Para Homens: Territórios ee Intensidade Esocialidade Masculina,” Victor Hugo De Souza Barreto, doctoral thesis in anthropology, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil, 2016. The author explains:

In this work , I intend to present a reflection on certain sexual practices conducted among men in the city of Rio de Janeiro in orgy meetings, from an ethnography in these four commercially organized events in the city . What the experience of sexuality these parties seem to put into play are other modes of subjectivity and corporalization , properly intensive modes, where at the same time that a particular form of masculinity also is developed there a singular way of engagement in the world.This thesis seeks to understand these interactions by analyzing what I am calling here from the three “principles” of these events: “masculinity“, “discretion” and “putaria.” I also dwell on the debate on methodology of research in contexts of sexual interaction.

(Thanks to J.G. Correa for bringing this to our attention.)

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