Coffee Grounds and Baked Goods: The Next Frontier

Coffee and baked goods delight millions of snack-hungry people. Coffee grounds and baked goods are potentially a delightful variant on the traditional combination. This study explores that territory:

nuriaUse of spent coffee grounds as food ingredient in bakery products,” Nuria Martinez-Saez [pictured here], Alba Tamargo García, Inés Domínguez Pérez, Miguel Rebollo-Hernanz, Marta Mesías, Francisco J. Morales, María A. Martín-Cabrejas, and Maria Dolores del Castillo, Food Chemistry, vol. 216, 2017, pp. 114-122. The authors, at the Institute of Food Science, Technology and Nutrition, Madrid, Spain, report:

“The present research aimed to evaluate the use of spent coffee grounds (SCG) from instant coffee as a food ingredient and its application in bakery products…. SCG were incorporated in biscuit formulations for the first time. Low-calorie sweeteners and oligofructose were also included in the food formulations. Nutritional quality, chemical (acrylamide, hydroxymethylfurfural and advanced glycation end products) and microbiological safety and sensory tests of the biscuits were carried out.”