Was the prayer nut filled with gunk?

“The prayer nut” is the subject of this video, which zeroes in on the question: Was the prayer nut filled with some kind of gunk? Research, careful research, hints that it may indeed have been filled with gunk, and that that gunk may have included fragrant herbs, one of which may have been cannabis.

The maker of the video tells what the prayer nut is. The prayer nut is, in this telling, “a microscopically carved medieval devotional.” The scientist in the video, he who probes the innards of the prayer nut, is Joris Dik.


This is not the only prayer nut. You can visit a prayer nut in The British Museum, in London. You can purchase prayer nuts. You can make prayer nuts, if you have the desire, the time, and perhaps the talent.

Really, there are few limits to what you can do with regard to a prayer nut.