Podcast #90: Effect of Eating Garlic on Armpit Odor

If a person eats garlic, does that change the person’s armpit odor? Jean Berko Gleason, a researcher who is disgusted by both garlic and armpit odor, helps us appreciate research on that very question, in this week’s Improbable Research podcast.

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This week, Marc Abrahams discusses a published garlic/armpit study, with dramatic readings from Boston University psychology professor emerita Jean Berko Gleason. Early in her career, Gleason gained fame for inventing the WUG Test. The WUG test revealed that young children have impressively subtle abilities to learn — and use — new bits of language.


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The mysterious John Schedler or the shadowy Bruce Petschek perhaps did the sound engineering this week.

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BONUS: A nice appreciation of Jean and her words, in the Huffington Post: “These Are The Words Even A Linguist Hates — This goes way beyond ‘moist.’