Ig Nobel winner Justin (sting pain index) Schmidt profiled in NY Times

Justin Schmidt, whose thorough love of insects led him to many good things, including an Ig Nobel Prize, is profiled in the New York Times Magazine:


The 2015 Ig Nobel Prize, in the combined category of Physiology and Entomology, was awarded jointly to two individuals: Justin Schmidt, for painstakingly creating the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, which rates the relative pain people feel when stung by various insects; and to Michael L. Smith, for carefully arranging for honey bees to sting him repeatedly on 25 different locations on his body, to learn which locations are the least painful (the skull, middle toe tip, and upper arm). and which are the most painful (the nostril, upper lip, and penis shaft).

BONUS: QI Elves do dramatic readings from the Schmidt Sting Pain Index: