Theory of Everything: Gendered Exploitation of Cockfighting Roosters

Here’s another entry in the competition for A Theory That Explains Everything. This one is a study published in the year 2010:

Roosters, hawks and dawgs: Toward an inclusive, embodied eco/feminist psychology,” pattrice jones, Feminism Psychology, vol. 20 no. 3, August 2010, pp. 365-380. The author (who spell her names with all lowercase letters) explains:
“The gendered exploitation of roosters used in cockfighting is a case example of the social construction of gender via animals… The rehabilitation of roosters used in cockfighting illustrates the utility of an expanded and amended conception of Herman’s principles of trauma recovery enacted within the emerging insights of trans-species psychology. Those insights lead us toward a truly inclusive eco/feminist psychology centered on acceptance of situated human animality and an understanding of traumatic alienation as a factor in both personal and communal problems in living, including climate change.”

(Thanks to Ron Josephson for bringing this to our attention.)