Scintillating new book about firefly sex (and fireflies)

Sara Lewis (who gave a 24/7 Lecture about firefly sex, at the recent Ig Nobel Prize ceremony) has a new book out. The book is called Silent Sparks: The Wondrous World of Fireflies.


The Washington Post has one of the first reviews of the book:

…Lewis, who has spent years and traveled the word studying fireflies, tells this and other fairly icky tales with glee — but to be fair, she spends even more of this intense, almost obsessive book describing the radiantly appealing aspects of the firefly world…

…There’s more — including a chapter on how Japan, with a long tradition of loving and capturing fireflies, brought them back from near extinction in part via commercial breeding houses. And how Tokyo, where no fireflies survive, stages an annual festival with the aid of 100,000 solar-powered, glowing table-tennis balls taking the place of the living creatures. It’s all pretty amazing.

BONUS: Here’s the TED Talk Sara Lewis gave about firefly sex: