Introducing the “Visual Muzzle” (new patent)

A new patent from inventor Yee Chong Leung of Shatin, Hong Kong provides a warm cap for a pet (say, for example a dog) – but its key feature is that it also operates as an electronic ‘Visual Muzzle’.

Visual-Muzzle-PatentWearing the cap, the pet is obliged to look though goggles made of smart glass or plastic which can instantly turn opaque when electronically activated. The helmet also incorporates a camera system linked to an image processor which is programmed to identify (in real time) living creatures which could be possible victims of a dog attack. If the system detects a potential victim nearby, the goggles immediately become opaque – “such that the pet is temporarily impaired from seeing anything.“

See:Warm cap with security features’ US patent granted Mar. 8th 2016.

Question [optional] The invention is primarily intended to protect humans from aggressive dogs – could the invention be scaled up and adapted to protect humans from each other?